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  • Around the Poconos

    A must see: PEEC!

    Nestled in the Delaware State Forest, Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) promotes environmental education, sustainable living, and appreciation for nature through hands-on experience in Dingmans Ferry,PA. We visited with our little one, the place is amazing! Very engaging with the live animals and environment. Loved being inside such a good reproduction of a beaver lodge, and learning so much information about those creative animals. We can’t wait to hike the trails around the ponds and perhaps spot a beaver dam. The Center also has a nice, hiker-friendly flavor to it, with used books and media for a symbolic price, more…

  • Around the Poconos

    About Saw Creek

    Saw Creek is a community in the Pocono Mountains, remarkable for the pool and tiki bar in the summer, skiing mountain in the winter, colors in the fall and nature in the spring. The amenities are great: several pools, gym,…

  • Sleeping Accommodations

    Sleeping arrangements

    The Cabin is equipped with 3 bedrooms: the master bedroom with a Queen size bed, and two bedrooms upstairs, each of them boasting a full size bed. The loft area also includes a couch that turns into a Queen size…

  • The HikeAway Cabin

    The dining room light fixture

    This was made from scratch by re-purposing a rusty rim of an old fire pit. It is a beautiful addition to the ambiance of the cabin. The Edison bulbs are dimmable, enabling for a romantic, intimate lighting, or a bright,…

  • Entertainment

    Movies set in cozy cabins

    If you try to search the internet for movies based on ambiance, you realize there is not a good database for such type of research. In the winter, sometimes we crave the feeling of a log cabin in the woods,…

  • Watch Nicotine!

    Bulletin from the Mother of Wars

    Exactly 4 weeks ago, the war to Nicotine started. I had no idea what it was going to be like. I did know that I had a big addiction, started early in life before I could have adult memories without…

  • Around the Poconos

    Robinia pseudoacacia

    Today, a gorgeous spring day, during a morning hike I recognized a scent that belongs to the springtime of my youth. I finally found a Robinia pseudoacacia in America, in full bloom with those beautifully scented flowers! Once you know…

  • Ramblings


    We grew up thinking that society was evolving, it was headed for the better, the future was promising. I used to see improvement in so many areas, that I got used to thinking that every industry, too, is evolving into…

  • Watch Nicotine!

    The amazing trip of denicotinization

    I realized today that the last time I had a solid 8 days with no nicotine intake was in 1980. I quit smoking 8 days ago. I am enjoying this journey as a unique experience, and full of uncertainty. Last…

  • Watch Nicotine!

    Day 5

    Operation Nicotine is continuing. Some tougher pangs today, but overall manageable.