Movies set in cozy cabins

If you try to search the internet for movies based on ambiance, you realize there is not a good database for such type of research. In the winter, sometimes we crave the feeling of a log cabin in the woods, fire going, snow falling, nature hibernating, and cold weather. If you use the keyword “cabin”, invariantly you are directed to horror movies.

The HikeAway Cabin is equipped with a TV over the fireplace, an Apple TV that you can use to access your Netflix or other streaming services, a DVD player, a VCR, and some movies.

For “cabin feeling”, we recommend:

The Gold Rush, by and with Charlie Chaplin, 1925. The movie shows two remarkable cabins in Klondike, and it is perfect for New Year’s Eve given the Saloon scenes and the singing of Auld Lang Syne.

Continental Divide, with John Belushi, 1981. A good portion of the movie is set up in the Rockies in Wyoming, with a wonderful isolated log cabin. It begins in Chicago with a story that hardly seems to lead to a log cabin… Just keep watching.

Alone in the Wilderness, with Dick Proenneke, 2005. Documentary about the life in Alaska of Dick Proenneke, based on his own footage. The movie not only shows a cozy cabin that today is a National Monument, but it also shows you how it was built from scratch by one man.

On Golden Pond, with Henry Fonda, 1981. The vacation cottage on the lake is beautiful. Fishing, isolation in nature, and table games for cozy nights inside.

Have other favorites that are NOT horror movies? Please post them here in the comments!

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