Watch Nicotine!

The amazing trip of denicotinization

I realized today that the last time I had a solid 8 days with no nicotine intake was in 1980.
I quit smoking 8 days ago. I am enjoying this journey as a unique experience, and full of uncertainty.
Last cigarette
The last cigarette was on my way to a seminar about quitting smoking, the first one I ever attended. I put the cigarette out with absolutely no expectations that that might be the last one in my life.
The seminar was a 2-hour split into two session. The first part described the mechanism of tobacco addiction, and mentioned supplements that would help if one quits nicotine. The second part was a hypnosis session. At the interval, the coach encouraged us to go have a smoke. I went out, looked around, and felt it was wrong to have a cig. Later, inside, i through my pack and lighter on the floor and bought 4 months worth of supplements to fight the addiction. And the journey began.
Day one
As the first night is manageable, when you get up the following morning you have to be disciplined with your new routine.

Concentration issues

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