Robinia pseudoacacia

When I can, I like to take a little walk during my break time at work. Today, gorgeous spring day, during my hike I recognized a scent that belongs to springtime of my youth. I finally found a Robinia pseudoacacia in America, in full bloom with those beautifully scented flowers!

I have been nostalgic of some of the trees that were so common in Monselice, where I grew up in Italy: the Robinia, and the Jujube, to mention a couple.
Turns out, the Robinia is actually from the USA, Appalachian mountains to be exact, known as Black Locust. When it made it to Italy, in the 1600s, guess where it was first planted? In Padova, at the Orto Botanico near the University. So I can now try to plant a seed in my back yard, like I did with a Jujube, and I can attempt importing in the US a common use of the flowers in Veneto, Italy: we bread them, deep fry them and enjoy. They are phenomenally tasty!

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