• Industry


    We grew up thinking that society was evolving, it was headed for the better, the future was promising. I used to see improvement in so many areas, that I got used to thinking that every industry, too, is evolving into something better. Well, I am lately realizing how bad some industries are doing, and how alarming some signals are, of industries just not caring for excellence or improvement, and people not noticing. So here I am, my new mission is to not let these things go unnoticed.

  • Fight Nicotine

    The amazing trip of denicotinization

    I realized today that the last time I had a solid 8 days with no nicotine intake was in 1980. I quit smoking 8 days ago. I am enjoying this journey as a unique experience, and full of uncertainty. Last…

  • Fight Nicotine

    Day 5

    Operation Nicotine is continuing. Some tougher pangs today, but overall manageable.